I have depression. I figured it out seven years ago and have been on antidepressants since then. They have changed. They have helped. Some days more than others. I was never sure if I should tell people. I just said they were my vitamins to my kids. I didn’t want to be judged. I spent countless hours reading about depression and seeking information on how to get rid of it. I didn’t find what I was looking for. What I found was information on how people “suffer from depression”. I don’t want to suffer, hence the reason I’m looking for information about it! No one says that people “suffer from diabetes”, “suffer from heart disease”. It is written or spoken as “I have…..” So for me, depression is something I have. I am choosing not to “suffer” from anything. I have a choice on how I refer to it. I don’t have a choice that I have it.

So after seven years of hiding it and feeling weak by it; I’m getting in front of it and acknowledging it, and taking action to feel better each day. It’s not all BLUE SKIES and SUNSHINE! Sometimes, it’s just blue skies. No matter, as long as I awaken each dawn, I am working toward being better, being stronger and just grateful I have another day to try and figure it out.

My story is much longer; but I write this and hope you join me on this journey. Let’s create a team that can work together and share and support each other as we face each day with depression.