First Signs of Depression to Healing…..How I Changed My Life and You Can, too!


I’m so grateful to Laura Milkins who hosts The Depression Session  for interviewing me so I can share my story of depression on her live radio show and her podcast, Laura is on a mission to change the stigma of mental illness and depression by sharing stories of everyday people and their journey with depression.

I was excited to find someone who was also passionate about changing the stigma of depression. This is my passion; and also to help women on a path to wellness through routine, personal development, health and fitness.

I literally defeated depression by fueling my body with clean food that optimized my brain health and changed its chemistry, by exercising daily to make my body better and also produce the ‘happy’ chemicals our brains need to produce, and by spending time every day om personal development.

I want to help you do this, too. Please message me if you are looking for change in your life.

Here’s the link to the podcast:

The Depression Session – My Interview – My Depression Story


Depression SUCKS!

depression_sucks_11_cm_x_14_cm_invitation_card-r19130cf0604142cb925bb2529d07e0fd_zk91q_512I wake up on Monday morning and go through my morning routine (The Miracle Morning), which I will share in another post. I should, for all reasons, be happy and looking forward to a beautiful day; but no! I have depression and today it wants to rule and drag me down. It sucks!

I should be happy because I had a fabulous weekend. I enjoyed time with my husband, we shopped together, cooked together, cozied up and watching tv together, talked about how much we are in love and of our future plans together. I had a pleasant conversation with my son who is a Marine stationed in Okinawa Japan. Found the perfect gift for my Grandson, Liam, who will be 2 next week (and is with this Mommy and Daddy in Okinawa). To top it off, my youngest son’s hockey team won the State Championship for the 5th year in a row. Happy times.

I am going to use my energy and force myself to think positive, to talk positive to myself and after posting this, will not mention the word depression. I am committed to forcing depression into remission today. I refuse to let it take hold today!

Is Setting Goals Realistic with Depression?

imageI’m scrolling through Facebook and I see everyone setting goals for their happiness in 2016. That’s great for them. But, it makes me wonder if it’s realistic to set goals when you have depression.

I didn’t set specific goals. I instead plan (hope) to focus on creating a schedule and being consistent with it. Just simple things like waking at the same time every, showering daily (which some days seems too exhausting), and scheduling my work day.

Thats not really Facebook worthy or inspiring, so I’m blogging instead. It starts tomorrow.

I will document this journey of simple steps in the hope that it will keep me on track, that maybe it will inspire someone else feeling the same way, and maybe gather some insight from others who may read this. Thank you!