Is Setting Goals Realistic with Depression?

imageI’m scrolling through Facebook and I see everyone setting goals for their happiness in 2016. That’s great for them. But, it makes me wonder if it’s realistic to set goals when you have depression.

I didn’t set specific goals. I instead plan (hope) to focus on creating a schedule and being consistent with it. Just simple things like waking at the same time every, showering daily (which some days seems too exhausting), and scheduling my work day.

Thats not really Facebook worthy or inspiring, so I’m blogging instead. It starts tomorrow.

I will document this journey of simple steps in the hope that it will keep me on track, that maybe it will inspire someone else feeling the same way, and maybe gather some insight from others who may read this. Thank you!



3 thoughts on “Is Setting Goals Realistic with Depression?

  1. A step taken, no matter how “simple” or small is an accomplished goal! One must always be proud for taking that step. Never compare your steps to others, theirs don’t matter! Wishing you many more steps…xo


  2. Yes, just as Deb stated above, any step is a step in the right direction, and you should celebrate each and every step. I set up some goals for the new year but I try to set up ONE main goal per month throughout the year, so I have at least 28-31 days to do something and longer if I have a deadline of March, because I can work on it every day through the end of that month. I try to plan our my goals and give myself deadlines for each one. I’ve suffered from depression all my life, so I get where you’re coming from. Trying to keep myself as busy as I possibly can so by the time the evening and weekends get here, I am so deserving that break and chilling out time. I’m trying to make NO time for depression and as a divorced/single mom working from home, that’s a tall order. It’s whatever works for you, ya know? Hang in there and good luck with all your aspirations for the year! 😉 And thanks for the follow. I look forward to getting to know you and your blog.


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